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SPSS How to articles for elementary statistics and AP statistics. IBM SPSS Statistics is a software package that is geared towards the social sciences like federal and local governments and health care organizations. The software works similarly to Microsoft Excel, with a spreadsheet style entry field and easy-to-use toolbar. While some functions are intuitive, other functions can be hard to find. This collection of SPSS How to articles gives you the basic tools to get you started with SPSS in a step-by-step format. You’ll find an introduction to the topic, plenty of pictures to illustrate the points, and if you get stuck you can always ask for help on our free forum for statistics.

How to Find the SPSS Mean Mode Median
How to Find the SPSS Five Number Summary
How to Find the Interquartile Range in SPSS
How to Find the Standard Deviation in SPSS
How to Make an SPSS Frequency Table.
How to Make an SPSS Histogram.

How to Make Crosstabs in SPSS (Contingency Tables).
How to calculate the Pearson Correlation Coefficient using SPSS
How to Make a Bar Chart in SPSS
How to Make an SPSS Boxplot
How to Make an SPSS Scatterplot
How to Define Variables in SPSS
How to Perform a t test in SPSS
How to Perform a Chi-Square Test in SPSS
How to Make a Pie Chart in SPSS

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