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Need help with statistics equations? You’ll find the answers here.

Looking for statistics help? If you’re like most people, giant statistics equations are difficult to work through. They take so long, and one tiny mistake along the way throws the whole thing off. Super frustrating! Here are six ways you can get help with statistics equations:

Statistics Help #1: Hundreds of how to articles.

We’ve got hundreds of topics covered, with explanations in plain English, step-by-step. Here’s a screenshot from one of our articles. See how easy it is?
statistics help

If you want to browse categories like Confidence Intervals or Normal Distributions, go to the main probability and statistics index. You’ll find a list of the main statistics help topics.

If you know exactly what you are looking for (for example, “How to Make a Bar Graph“), type your query into the custom Google search on the sidebar (or at the top of the page). That will search the site and give you the exact article you need.

Statistics Help #2: Statistics glossary.

Do you want simple, plain-English explanations of what statistics terms mean, like the interquartile range, standard deviation and variance? Check out our statistics definitions, which has hundreds of explanations for everything you could possibly want to know about probability and stats.

Statistics Help #3: Our YouTube Channel.

Find dozens of stats topics explained simply at our YouTube channel. Subscribe and keep up with videos as they are posted. You’ll find help with basic concepts like the interquartile range and there’s a wide range of Excel for Statistics videos to help you with data analysis and graphs.

Statistics Help #4: Online Calculators.

We have a variety of free online statistics calculators. Most of them don’t just give you the answer, they’ll show you the working out too! For example, here’s a screenshot from our variance and standard deviation calculator. Note the working out below:
std dev statistics help

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