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The Fisher Z distribution (also called the beta-logistic distribution) is a four-parameter univariate and unimodal continuous distribution with infinite support. It can provide a better fit than the normal distribution for certain types of data, such as heat destruction of bacteria in food protection studies [1].

The Fisher Z distribution was first introduced by R. A. Fisher in 1924 [2]. It has been “rediscovered” since that date by many authors and goes by a variety of other names, including:

  • Beta-prime exponential distribution,
  • Exponential generalized beta prime distribution,
  • Exponential generalized beta type II distribution,
  • Generalized F distribution,
  • Generalized Gompertz-Verhulst type II distribution,
  • Generalized logistic type IV distribution,
  • Log-F distribution,
  • Prentice distribution.

Fisher Z distribution properties

Although the Fisher Z distribution has many parameterizations of its probability density function (PDF), one of the most straightforward is [3]

fisher z distribution PDF


When ζ = 0 and e λ = 1, the distribution is called the standard Fisher Z distribution.

An alternate parameterization given by [4] is

alternate fisher z pdf

Prentice [5] also offers another parameterization of the distribution.

Special cases of the Fisher Z distribution include: Burr Type II distribution, Reversed Burr Type II distribution, logistic distribution, and hyperbolic secant distribution.


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