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The arcsine distribution and the generalized arcsine distribution are found in the study of random walk fluctuation, renewal theory, and as the Jeffrey’s prior for successes in a Bernoulli trial. The generalized arcsine distribution, used in mathematical statistics, is a special case of the beta I distribution, when a = b = ½.

It’s called the arcsine distribution because “arcsin x” is the arc that has a sine of x.

Although the distribution is used in some fairly weighty mathematical areas, a simple example of what the distribution can be used for is as the fraction of time a player can win a coin toss game, assuming the coins are fairly weighted (Rasnick, 2019).

PDF for the Arcsine Distribution

The probability density function (PDF) of the standard arcsine distribution is defined as:
arcsine distribution
The PDF is supported for an interval of between 0 and 1 (0 < 1). Outside of this boundary, the density is zero. The distribution can be generalized to include any bounded support between two values a and b, or by using scale parameters and location parameters.

The PDF of the arcsine distribution is U-shaped:
pdf arcsin

CDF for the Arcsine Distribution

The cumulative distribution function (CDF) for the arcsin function is:
arcsine distribution cdf

The CDF is valid for x-values from 0 to 1 (0 < x < 1); The CDF is concentrated near the boundary values 0 and 1. As the distribution gets very close to 1, it tends to infinity. It includes the inverse sin (arcsin), which is where the distribution gets its name.


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