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TI 83 for Statistics: Overview.

ti 83 for statisticsThe TI 83 is a popular hand held calculator that’s most often recommended for stats students. The calculator has an array of functions that can help you with your elementary stats or AP stats course. For example, the calculator has a built in function for linear regression. Try to figure that out by hand will take you upwards of thirty minutes (even for a small data set). But you can solve it on the TI 83 in a few seconds, once you have entered your data into a list.

Don’t have a TI83 calculator? Here’s how to get a free TI83 calculator online (one that you can use on your desktop).

TI 83 for Statistics articles: Graphs and Charts.

  1. TI 83 List: Entering Data
  2. Make a Histogram on the TI-83.
  3. How to Make a TI 83 Scatter Plot.
  4. How to Graph a TI 83 Cumulative Frequency Table.
  5. How to Make a TI 83 box plot.

TI 83 for Statistics articles: Probability.

  1. How to Calculate TI 83 Permutations and TI 83 Combinations.
  2. Difference Between BinomPDF and BinomCDF.
  3. How to use TI 83 NormalPDF (Normal Probability Density Function).
  4. How to Figure out Normally Distributed Probability Using the TI-83 NormalCDF function.

TI 83 for Statistics articles: Descriptive statistics.

  1. TI83 Mean and Median.
  2. How to Find the TI 83 Interquartile Range.
  3. How to Find a Standard Deviation on a TI 83 Calculator.
  4. How to Find a Variance on a TI 83 Calculator.
  5. How to Get The Standard Deviation For a Binomial on a TI 83 Calculator.

TI 83 for Statistics articles: Normal distribution, Regression, z-values.

  1. How to Perform a TI 83 Linear Regression.
  2. How to Find a Critical Z Value on a TI-83.
  3. TI 83 Central Limit Theorem Word Problems.
  4. TI 83 Confidence Intervals
  5. How to Find a T distribution on a TI 83.
  6. How to Use the TI 83 for a Hypothesis Test of a Mean.
  7. How to calculate the Sattherwaite formula for degrees of freedom.
  8. How to Find T Critical Value on TI 83

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