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TI 83 Linear Regression: In Easy Steps

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TI 83 Linear Regression

TI 83 Linear Regression

Two linear regression lines.

TI 83 Linear Regression: Overview

Linear regression is tedious and prone to errors when done by hand, but you can perform linear regression in the time it takes you to input a few variables into a list. Linear regression will only give you a reasonable result if your data looks like a line on a scatter plot, so before you find the equation for a linear regression line you may want to view the data on a scatter plot first. See this article for how to make a scatter plot on the TI 83.

TI 83 Linear Regression: Steps

Sample problem: Find a linear regression equation (of the form y = ax + b) for x-values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and y-values of 3, 9, 27, 64, and 102.

Step 1: Press STAT, then press ENTER to enter the lists screen. If you already have data in L1 or L2, clear the data: move the cursor onto L1, press CLEAR and then ENTER. Repeat for L2.

Step 2: Enter your x-variables, one at a time. Follow each number by pressing the ENTER key. For our list, you would enter:

Step 3: Use the arrow keys to scroll across to the next column, L2.

Step 4: Enter your y-variables, one at a time. Follow each number by pressing the enter key. For our list, you would enter:

Step 5: Press the STAT button, then use the scroll key to highlight “CALC.”

Step 6: Press 4 to choose “LinReg(ax+b)”. Press ENTER and then ENTER again. The TI 83 will return the variables needed for the equation. Just insert the given variables (a, b) into the equation for linear regression (y=ax+b). For the above data, this is y = 25.3x – 34.9.

That’s how to perform TI 83 Linear Regression!

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