Statistics How To

Probability and Statistics Topic Index

Probability and Statistics Topic Indexes

Technology Topic Indexes


  1. Interquartile Range Calculator (IQR)
  2. Permutations and Combinations Calculator
  3. Variance and Standard Deviations Calculator
  4. Binomial Distribution Calculator


  1. Z-table
  2. Binomial Distribution Table
  3. T-Distribution table
  4. Chi Square Distribution Table
  5. F-Table
  6. Pearson Product-Moment Correlation (PPMC) Coefficient Table



  1. Statistics Help: Site guide.
  2. How to Calculate Percentages

6 thoughts on “Probability and Statistics Topic Index

  1. Trish

    I am taking Elementary Statistics this summer and have a TI-83 plus calculator, I did not do very good in algebra but passed. I am thinking of buying the book, does it come with training on how to use the calculator? I was not able to fin the app that says stats?
    Thank you, and please let me know I would like to pass this class and I only have a 10 week class

  2. Andale

    The TI-83 guide walks you through the steps to using the calculator for a wide variety of problems. It comes free with the statistics handbook if you buy it here on the site.
    Good luck!

  3. Kate

    The filling machine used by a dairy company to fill 1kg containers of yoghurt produces output which follows a normal distribution with mean 1030g (slightly more than 1kg) and standard deviation 20g. Suppose that the company can change either the mean or the standard deviation of the filling amount (but not both). If they require the probability of underfilling a container (i.e. contents less than 1000g) to equal 0.05, find (i) the smallest value of the mean; and (ii) the largest value of the standard deviation that satisfies this requirement (in each case to the nearest gram).

  4. Andale

    Hello, Kate,
    Can you post on our homework help forum, please. One of our mods will be happy to help.

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