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A histogram, or frequency distribution, is a type of graph that has bars representing data. Each bar represents a certain amount of data. Once you have input the data for the TI 89 histogram and graphed it, the TI-89 will even count how many items are in each bar (or class).

TI 89 Histogram: Steps

Watch the video or read the steps below:

Sample problem: Create a histogram for the following new car costs: 12,500; 22,400; 14,300; 32,200; 21,500; 19,980; 15,001; 22,001; 32,036; 35,124; 29,001; 25,006; 27,001; and 18,500.

Step 1: Press APPS and scroll to the Stats/List Editor. Press ENTER.

Step 2: Press F1 then 8 to clear the list editor of data.

Step 3: Enter “cars” as the list name by pressing 2nd ALPHA )=23 ENTER.

Step 4: Enter your data:
12500 ENTER
22400 ENTER
14300 ENTER
32200 ENTER
21500 ENTER
19980 ENTER
15001 ENTER
22001 ENTER
32036 ENTER
35124 ENTER
29001 ENTER
25006 ENTER
27001 ENTER
18500 ENTER

Step 5: Press F2 ENTER and F1 to go into Plot Setup (Define Plot).

Step 6: Press the right scroll arrow to bring up a menu for Plot Type. Press 4 for Histogram.

Step 7: Scroll down to “x” Press 2nd – (the minus key) to bring up Var-Link. Scroll down to “cars” and press ENTER.

Step 8: Scroll down to Hist. Bucket Width and enter 5000 ENTER. This is your class width.

Step 9: Press ENTER F5. Note: If you press ENTER too many times and end up at the home screen, just press the diamond key and then F3 (for graph).

Step 10: Press 3 for the trace function. Use the left and right scroll keys to move from one bar to another. (This will tell you how many items are in each class (n = x)).

Tip #1: If your TI 89 histogram doesn’t show (or only part of the graph shows), you may need to change the window. Press the diamond key then F2 to check your window settings. For the above graph, your settings should be approximately 10000 < x < 40000 and 0 < y < 8. Set the xscl and yscl to 1. Press F2 then 9 to return to the graph.

Tip #2: Make sure the alpha lock is turned on by checking for a little black box with “a” in it on the bottom left of your screen.

Lost your guidebook? You can download a new one from the TI website here.


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