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The Huynh-Feldt correction is a correction for violations of sphericity.

If Mauchly’s Sphericity Test test returns a small p-value, you should apply a correction to the index of non sphericity (called the Box index, ε):

  • When ε ≤ 0.75 (or you don’t know what the value for the statistic is), use the Greenhouse-Geisser correction. This is a conservative correction that increases the risk of Type II error.
  • When ε > 0.75, use the Huynh-Feldt correction. Abdi (2010) describes this correction as more efficient, and more powerful than the Greenhouse-Geisser correction.

There is some debate about which correction is “best”. Abdi (2010) states that, of the two, the Huynh-Feldt is preferred because the Greenhouse-Geisser is too conservative. However, the HF correction is regarded by some as too liberal, overestimating sphericity (e.g. Maxwell & Delaney, 1990).

Huynh-Feldt correction Formula

The formula for the Huynh-Feldt correction (from Abdi, 2010) is:
huynh-feldt correction


  • S = Number of subjects,
  • A = Number of treatments,
  • Estimate for ε = Estimate for ε.


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