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Wilson CI (also called “plus-4” confidence intervals or Wilson Score Intervals) are Wald intervals computed from data formed by adding 2 successes and 2 failures. The Wilson confidence intervals [1] have better coverage rates for small samples. For example, you might be expecting a 95% confidence interval but only get 91%; the Wald CI can shrink this coverage issue [2].

wilson ci
Wilson score intervals alongside a logistic curve.

For binomial confidence intervals, the Wilson CI performs much better than the normal approximation interval for small samples (e.g., n = 10) or where p is close to 0 or 1). It is preferred to the Clopper-Pearson exact method (which uses the F distribution) and the asymptotic confidence interval (the “textbook”) method [3, 4].

Wilson CI Formula

Although the Wilson CI gives better coverage than many other methods, the algebra is more involved; the calculation involves a quadratic equation and a “complicated solution” [5]:
wilson ci formula

The math may not be an issue as many statistical software programs can calculate the Wilson CI, including R [6]. SPSS does not have a procedure, but it is “relatively easy” to produce them with COMPUTE commands [7].


Graph of Wilson CI: Sean Wallis via Wikimedia Commons. CC by 4.0.
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