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TI-89 Error Codes

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ti-89 error codes
The TI-89 can be a frustrating gadget. Even if you follow the steps in the TI-89 articles perfectly, you may get an unexpected TI-89 error code, like “Undefined Variable.” Usually, you’ve typed something in wrong or there’s a setting somewhere on the calculator that’s preventing it from performing whatever function you want it to perform. This is a list of the most common codes you are likely to encounter.

Common TI-89 Error Codes

Problem: “Undefined Variable” error. Solution: Double check your inputs any look for typos. If that doesn’t work, reset the variable memory. Press
2nd 6 f1 ENTER. Select “2:Default” and then press ENTER twice.

Problem: “Syntax Error”. Solution: Check you have included parentheses “(” “)” to open and close your arguments.

Problem: “Argument Error”. Solution: If you get this error when trying to enter a function from the graphing list in the home screen entry line, make sure you are referring to the function by the correct number and that you have a function entered in the right place in the y=editor.

Problem: TI89 will not graph, or graphs too many functions. Solution: Check the y=editor to make sure only the functions you want to graph are turned on (look for check marks to the left). To remove (or add) a check mark, scroll to the space on the left of the “y=” and then press the f4 key next to any function you want to graph (or not to graph).

Error not listed here? Check Appendix B of the Guidebook (downloadable PDF) for more TI-89 Error codes.

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