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A research variable (also called a study variable) is an informal term that means any variable used in research that has some kind of cause and effect relationship. A research/study variable can be one of a wide variety of variables used in a study, including independent variables, dependent variables, and intervening variables.

As these are informal terms, there isn’t a precise definition unless you’re using it within the context of a clinical trial (see below). You’re more likely to see the terms used conversationally or in informal areas like a journalistic piece, a pre-research questionnaire, or a “how-to” type book (rather than a textbook). For example, this Study Variable worksheet asks the researcher to “Name the study variables and label each as either independent or dependent.”

Clinical Study Variable

A Study variable, used in the context of designing a clinical trial, is any variable to be captured on a case report form.

If you’re using JMP Clinical (which is, essentially, JMP for the purposes of studying clinical data), you might come across a specific type of report called a study variable report, which “Generates a PDF listing required/conditional variables used by the study for each option in each report.” JMP Clinical reports are subdivided into functional areas; Launch this particular report type by clicking the following button:
research variable study variable


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