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how to enter data into a list ti89
Entering data into a list is one of the most important functions you can learn to do on the TI-89. Lists of data are a must for calculus and may other subjects that use list data, like statistics. You can use a list of data to model data, produce scatter plots, and problem solve functions.

You’ll need to have the stats/list editor installed. You can download it from the official TI website here.

How to enter data into a list TI89: Example

For a short video showing how to do this, skip to the bottom of the article.
Example problem: Enter the following data into a list on the TI89: 1, 2, 5, 8, 15.

Step 1: Press APPS.

Step 2: Press the arrow keys to move to the Data / Matrix Editor and then press ENTER.

Step 3: Press 3 (“New…”) to create a new list.

Step 4: Press the right arrow key to open the drop down menu for “Type” and then press 3 to choose “List”. Press ENTER.

Step 5: Press the right arrow key to open the drop down menu for “Folder” and then press a number key to choose a folder. For this example, press 1 (“Main”).

Step 6: Press the Alpha key (make sure your cursor is highlighting the first column header) and then type a variable name. For example, type “Mylist1.” Press ENTER twice to enter the list screen.

Step 7: Type your data into a column, pressing ENTER after each entry.

Step 8: Press HOME when you are finished typing your list.

Tip: To clear any inserted data in a list TI89, arrow up to the header and press ENTER CLEAR ENTER.
Warning: Don’t use the “Statvars” folder to save data. It contains sample lists that you might use in the future.

Watch the first minute of this video to see how to enter data into a list on the TI89:

Link to the download: Stats with List Editor

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