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In probability, the trinomial coefficient (sometimes called the central trinomial coefficient) is the number of ways of partitioning a set of objects into three disjoint subsets.

The value of the trinomial coefficient can be calculated as (Hilton et al., 2002; Kuri-Morales & Simari, 2002):
trinomial coefficient 2


  • ! is a factorial,
  • k is the number of objects you want to partition (non-negative integer),
  • a, b, c, are the three subsets (also must be non-negative integers),

Trinomial Coefficient and the Trinomial Theorem

Trinomial coefficients appear in the trinomial theorem, which expands a trinomial (x + y + z)k as the algebraic coefficient of xa yb zc:
Trinomial Coefficient - Trinomial Theorem

Relation to Binomial Coefficient

The trinomial coefficient is a close relative of the binomial coefficient:

  • The trinomial coefficient appears in the expansion of a trinomial (x + y + z)k and is the number of ways of partitioning three sets.
  • The binomial coefficient appears in the expansion of a binomial (x + y)k, and is the number of ways of partitioning two sets.

The Trinomial Triangle

The trinomial triangle, an extension of Pascal’s triangle, gives the coefficients of the expansion (1 + x + x2)k.
trinomial triangle
The entries in each row represent “k”. For example, the second row (k = 2) has entries 1 2 3 2 1, giving the expansion
(1 + x + x2)2 = 1 + 2x + 3x2 + 2x3 + x4.


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