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Pie Chart in Excel

A pie chart is a way to display percentages of a whole. The entire “pie” represents 100 percent of a whole, while the pie “slices” represent portions of the whole. The size of each slice is proportional to that category’s percentage of the pie. Pie charts can be tricky to draw by hand, especially with tricky percentages; the whole of the pie is 360 degrees, so drawing 13.9 percent or 56 percent presents a challenge. However, Microsoft Excel can help you create a pie chart in a minute or two.

Pie chart in Excel.

Pie chart showing water consumption. Image courtesy of EPA.

Sample question: Make a pie chart in Excel that represents what percentage of people in a certain town own certain types of pets: dogs (1110 people), cats (987 people), rodents (312 people), reptiles (97 people), fish (398 people).

Step 1: Type your data into a Microsoft Excel worksheet. Type your categories in one column and your numbers into a second column. For this sample problem, the categories would be the type of pets, so type those into column A. Type the numbers associated with each category into column B. Do not leave blank rows or columns when typing in the data.
pie chart in excel 1

Step 2: Select the data you entered. To select the data, click the top left of your data and then drag the cursor to the bottom right.

Step 3: Click “Insert,” then click “Pie,” then click the type of pie chart you need. In most cases with simple pie charts like the one in this sample problem, the first selection (2D) will work fine. Once you have clicked the chart icon, Excel will insert the pie chart into your worksheet.
pie chart in excel 3

Tip: If you made a mistake in your entries, you don’t have to redo the entire chart; type your correction in the original data that you entered and Excel will automatically make the correction to the chart.

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