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TI 83 Mean and the TI 83 Median: Overview

Finding the TI 83 mean or TI 83 median from a list of data can be accomplished in two ways: by entering a list of data, or by using the home screen to type the commands. Using the list feature is just as easy as entering the data onto the home screen, and it has the added advantage that you can use the data for other purposes after you have calculated your mean and median (for example, you might want to create a TI 83 histogram).
TI 83 Mean and the TI 83 Median

TI 83 Mean and the TI 83 Median: Steps

Watch the video or read the steps below:

Sample problem: Find the mean and the median for the height of the top 20 buildings in NYC. the heights, (in feet) are: 1250, 1200, 1046, 1046, 952, 927, 915, 861, 850, 814, 813, 809, 808, 806, 792, 778, 757, 755, 752, and 750.

Step 1: Enter the above data into a list. Press the STAT button and then press ENTER. Enter the first number (1250), and then press ENTER. Continue entering numbers, pressing the ENTER button after each entry.

Step 2: Press the STAT button.

Step 3: Press the right arrow button to highlight “Calc.”

Step 4: Press ENTER to choose “1-Var Stats” and then type in the list name. For example, to enter L1 press [2nd] and [1].

Step 5: Press ENTER again. The calculator will return the mean, x̄. For this list of data, the TI 83 mean is 884.05 feet (rounded to 3 decimal places).

Step 6: Arrow down until you see “Med.” This is the TI 83 median; for the above data, the median is 813.05 feet.

That’s how to find the TI 83 Mean and the TI 83 Median!

Lost your guidebook? Download a new one here at the TI website.


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  1. E. Chu

    In step 4, you forgot to mention a crucial step. You need to input the correct list to use. For example, 1-Var Stats (L1).

  2. Cindy

    My calculations do not match yours. I have added the column on two different calculators and have gotten the same answer on each one, neither is the answer you show. Are you adding 1046 twice or once? Either way, my answers and yours do not match.

  3. Andale

    Hi, Cindy,

    I double checked the calculations, and yes — there was a typo. Thanks for catching it (it’s now fixed).