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Statistics Videos for elementary statistics:

I’m currently working on a slew of statistics videos for this site. Right now, you’ll find videos of the most popular topics plus a range of videos on Microsoft Excel (including Excel 2013) Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you can receive updates about new videos.


  1. What is Elementary Statistics?
  2. How to Tell The Difference Between a Statistics vs. Parameter
  3. What is the Mean, Mode, Median

Descriptive Statistics

  1. How To Find an Interquartile Range
  2. How to Find Outliers
  3. How to Make a Frequency Distribution Table
  4. How to Draw a Cumulative Frequency Distribution Table
  5. How to Find a 5 Number Summary
  6. How to Find the Variance and Standard Deviation
  7. How to Find Standard Error


  1. How To Draw a Probability Tree
  2. How to Use The Binomial Distribution Table

Confidence Intervals

  1. How to Find a Confidence Interval


  1. How to Calculate Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
  2. How to Find a Linear Regression Equation

Hypothesis Testing

  1. What is the Null Hypothesis?
  2. How to Use Slovin’s Formula
  3. How to Use Chebyshev’s Thoerem
  4. How to Calculate an Alpha Level
  5. How to Find a Critical Value
  6. How to Calculate a z-score.
  7. What is an F-Table
  8. How to Read a Critical Value Chi Square Table
  9. How to Calculate a Chi-Square Statistic.
  10. How to Test a Chi-Square Hypothesis

Microsoft Excel

  1. How to Use the Random Number Generator in Excel
  2. How to Make a Box and Whiskers Graph in Excel
  3. How to Find the Sample Variance in Excel
  4. How to Find the Median in Excel
  5. How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel
  6. How to Make a Scatter Plot in Excel 2007
  7. How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel 2007
  8. How to Find the Mean in Excel
  9. How to Find a Standard Deviation in Excel 2007
  10. How to Calculate the Mode in Excel
  11. How to Calculate a Z Score in Excel 2007/2010
  12. How to Calculate a Chi Square P-Value in Excel.
  13. How to Calculate a Moving Average in Excel
  14. Excel 2013

  15. How to Make a Histogram in Excel 2013
  16. How to perform a one-way ANOVA Excel 2013
  17. How to Perform a Two Way ANOVA in Excel 2013 with replication / without replication
  18. How to find Covariance in Excel 2013
  19. How to Calculate Correlation in Excel 2013
  20. How to Find Kurtosis Excel 2013
  21. How to Find a Range in Excel 2013
  22. How to Sum in Excel 2013
  23. How to Find Standard Deviation in Excel 2013
  24. How to Find the Mode in Excel 2013
  25. How to Find Standard Error in Excel 2013
  26. How to Find a Mean in Excel 2013
  27. How to Load the Data analysis Toolpak in Excel 2013
  28. How to find Kurtosis Excel 2013
  29. How to Find Sample Variance Excel 2013
  30. How to Perform Exponential Smoothing Excel 2013
  31. How to run a two sample f test for Variance in Excel 2013
  32. How to Run Fourier Analysis Excel 2013
  33. How to Find a Moving Average in Excel 2013
  34. How to Make an Excel Pivot Table
  35. How to use Excel Sampling to find a Sample
  36. How to do a T Test in Excel
  37. How to perform Excel 2013 Regression analysis
  38. How to use the Excel PERCENTILE function and Excel PERCENTRANK function
  39. How to Use the Excel RANK function (Excel 2013)

Minitab for Statistics Articles

  1. How to Make a Time Plot in Minitab
  2. How To Create a Bar Graph in Minitab
  3. How to Make a Boxplot in Minitab
  4. How to Find Binomial Probabilities in Minitab
  5. How to Make a Histogram in Minitab
  6. How to Find an Interquartile Range in Minitab
  7. How to Find the Mean in Minitab
  8. How to Find the Median in Minitab
  9. How to Find the Mode in Minitab
  10. How to Create a Normal Probability Plot in Minitab
  11. How to Calculate Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient in Minitab
  12. How to Find Regression in Minitab
  13. How to Find the Standard Deviation in Minitab
  14. How to Make a Scatterplot in Minitab
  15. How to Find the Variance in Minitab

Online Calculators

  1. How to Use the Permutation Calculator
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4 thoughts on “Statistics Videos

  1. Sterling

    Is there any way that you can make a video or two regarding chi-squared statistics in relation to making tables that include counts, percents, significance tests, and such?

    I ask because I have a homework problem which has really stumped me. It would be good motivation for a video.
    Stratum Sampled claims Number not allowed
    Small 57 6
    Medium 17 5
    Large 5 1

    a) Construct the 3×2 table of counts for these data that includes the marginal totals.
    b) Find the percent of claims that were not allowed in each of the three strata.
    c) To perform a significant test, combine the medium and large strata. Explain why we do this.
    d) State an appropriate null hypothesis to be tested for these data.
    e) Perform the significance test and report your test with degrees of freedom and the P-value. State your conclusion.

    a) For example, in the “small” stratum, 51 claims were allowed, 6 were not allowed, and the total number of claims was 57. Altogether, there were 79 claims; 67 were allowed and 12 were not.
    b) 10.5% (small claims), 29.4% (medium), and 20% (large) were not allowed.
    c) In the 3×2 table, the expected count for large/not allowed is too small.
    d) There is no relationship between claim size and whether a claim is allowed.
    e) X^2 = 3.456, df = 1, P = 0.063.

    Please and thank you! :D

  2. Andale Post author

    Hi, Sterling,
    Thanks for your suggestion! I’m working on videos now…I have quite a few requests to fill but I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Nancy

    Hello Stephanie! I came across your videos and I just wanted to thank you so much! They truly cleared up various questions I had. Keep up the excellent work!

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