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A simple Minitab graph. Image: PSU.

Minitab is statistics software developed in 1972 at Penn State University by a research team comprised of Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner.
The software began as a lighter version of a statistical analysis program called OMNITAB.
Minitab is now owned by Minitab Inc, a privately owned company. While Minitab is used extensively in educational settings, it’s also used with CMMI and Six Sigma. Minitab 17 is the most recent version of Minitab (as of January 2016).

Minitab is very similar in layout and feel as Microsoft Excel. However, Minitab was built for statistics while Excel was not (most of the statistical functions come as an add-in package, the Data analysis Toolpak). Therefore Minitab has more statistical functions available than Microsoft Excel.

Minitab Statistics Articles

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