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A boxplot is a way to show graphically some basic information about a set of data. Boxplots include a central box, which contains the interquartile range, and “whiskers” that represent the first quartile and the fourth quartile of the data set. The median is shown as a line through the center of the box and the ends of the whiskers correspond to the minimum and maximum in the data set. Thanks to Minitab’s easy-to-use graph creation software, you can make a box plot in Minitab in a couple of clicks. Watch this video on how to make a box plot in Minitab, or you can follow the steps below.

How to make a box plot in Minitab

Step 1: Type your data into columns in a Minitab worksheet. Typically, you’ll want to type in two columns of data, one categorical and one quantitative (numerical).

Step 2: Click “Graph” on the toolbar and then click “Boxplot.”

Step 3: Choose a type of boxplot. If your data is in the form of column of quantitative data and one column of categorical variables (the most common scenario) then choose “One y” “With groups”.

Step 4: Click a variable name for your quantitative/numerical data and then click “Select” to move the item to the Graph Variables box.

Step 5: Click a variable name for your categorical data and then click “Select” to move that item to the Categorical Variables box.

Step 4: Click “OK” to create a boxplot.

That’s it!

Tips: Mouse over one of the boxes to display a window showing the median, Q1, Q3 and the IQR. You can also click on a number to bring up the Edit Scale box to specify labels, scales and other attributes for the boxplot.


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