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Knowing how to simplify expressions in calculus is essential to being able to differentiate functions. The TI-89 graphing calculator makes simplifying expressions an easy task. In fact, you don’t even have to access a menu; The TI-89 can perform expression simplification right on the home screen. There is another way — using the propFrac command.

Simplify TI 89 Example 1: Using the HOME screen

If you have a very simple expression, type it into the HOME screen and the calculator will do the rest.
Sample problem: simplify the following expression with the TI-89:
f(x) = 9x + 8x

Step 1: Press the HOME key.

Step 2: Press 9 X + 8 X to enter the expression.

Step 3: Press Enter. Your answer should be 17x.

Simplify TI 89 Example 2: Using propFrac

For more complicated equations, like ((x2 + 3x + 2)/(x + 1)), entering it as-is on the HOME screen won’t work. All you’ll see is your entry repeated. This is when you’ll want to use propFrac.

Step 1: Press F2, then 7 to select propFrac from the HOME screen.

Step 2: Type your expression in. Make sure you type in a closing parentheses “)”.

Step 3: Press the ENTER key. For ((x2 + 3x + 2)/(x + 1)), the simplified expression is x + 2.

That’s how to simplify on the TI 89! You’re done!

Caution: Although the calculator returns the correct answer, it might not be formatted in the way you’re accustomed to.

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