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A boxplot, sometimes called a box and whisker diagram, shows the spread and centers of a data set like the interquartile range(IQR). When you view a boxplot in SPSS, it’s much easier to see how your data is centered or spread out, as opposed to looking at a list of data. SPSS allows you to create two types of boxplots: simple and clustered. Which type of boxplot you choose depends upon how many variables you want to plot. Choose the simple chart option when you want to create a plot of one variable, and choose the clustered boxplot option if you want to create a comparison of variable types. SPSS boxplots can be created in the Chart Builder or in the Legacy Dialogs menu.

Boxplot in SPSS: Steps

Watch the video to see how to make a boxplot in SPSS using the Chart Builder or read the steps below for a slightly different way to make a boxplot in SPSS, by using the legacy dialog.

Step 1: Open an existing worksheet with your data or type your data into a new worksheet.
Step 2: Click “Graphs,” then click “Legacy Dialogs” and then click “Boxplot.”
boxplot in spss
Step 3: Click the type of chart you want to display, either Simple or Clustered, then click a radio button for either summaries of groups or separate variables.
Step 4: Click “Define” to open the “Define Simple Boxplot” dialog box.
Step 5: Click a variable in the left window that you want to see medians and IQRs for. This is the analytical variable, the one that will be displayed on the y-axis. Click the top arrow to move the variable to the “Variable” window.
Step 6: Click a second variable in the left window that you want to display on the x-axis (the categorical variable), then click the second arrow down, to the left of Category Axis.
spss boxplot 2
Step 7: Click “OK” to display the boxplot.
spss boxplot 3


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