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This article and short video explains how to use your calculator to enter a list of data and quickly find the mean median mode on the TI 89. The mean is the average of a data set, the median is the “middle” of the data set (the number that would fall in the middle if you were to write the numbers in order) and the mode is the number that appears most often.

Mean Median Mode TI 89 Steps

Watch the video or read the steps below:

Sample problem: Find the mean, mode, and median for the following list of numbers: 1, 9, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 2.

Step 1: Press APPS then scroll to Stats/List Editor (scroll with the arrow keys at the top right of the keypad). Press ENTER.
If you don’t see the Stats/List editor, you need to download it. Follow the instructions here.

Step 2: Clear any data in the list editor by pressing F1 then 8.

Step 3: Press ALPHA 5 ENTER. This names your list “m.” Make sure m appears in the field: if 5 appears, it means the Alpha key didn’t work: try it again. Note: you can name the list anything you like.

Step 4: Enter your numbers, one at a time. Follow each entry by pressing the ENTER key. For our group of numbers, enter

Step 5: Press F4, then ENTER (for the 1-var stats screen).

Step 6: Tell the calculator you want stats for the list called “m” by entering ALPHA 5 into the “List:” box. The calculator should automatically put the cursor there for you. Press ENTER ENTER.

Step 7: Read the results for the mean. The mean is the first in the list (an x with a bar on top),= 5.125.

Step 8: Read the results for the median:The median is about half way down the list: scroll with the down arrow and look for MedX = 5.

Step 9: Find the mode: Return to the list editor. Press F3 2 ENTER ENTER to access “sort list”. Make sure “m” is in the “List:” box and the order is “Ascending.” Press ENTER. Your data is now sorted. Just count which number appears the most: that’s your mode.

Tip: You can name your list anything you want, but keep it simple and don’t use common variables like t,x,y, or z.

That’s how to find the mean median mode TI 89!

Lost your guidebook? You can download a new one from the TI website here.


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