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Buying a TI83 calculator for class can be a chunk out of your budget, especially if you have to wait a few weeks for your financial aid to come in. With statistics classes, a good graphing calculator is a must. Did you know that Texas Instruments has FREE software that enables you have to have a desktop version of the calculator? The calculator looks and works exactly like the physical calculator. In fact, it’s what I use your the TI-83 demonstrations on my YouTube channel. The virtual TI83 calculator has all of the functionality of the hand-held version. You can perform the same calculations, run the same statistical tests, and create exactly the same graphs. There’s no programming or complicated file installation: just download and click.

Here’s how to get a free TI83 calculator online that you can use on your desktop. Watch the video or read the steps below:

Note: Please click this link to get to the TI-download page mentioned in the video.

Free TI83 calculator online: Steps

Step 1:CLICK HERE to go to the TI-instruments download page.
Step 2:Scroll down to TI-83 Plus SDK (under “Download Item.”)
free ti83 calculator online 1
Step 3:Click “Save” on the pop up window. When the program has downloaded, click the download file (if you can’t find it, check your downloads folder, the file will be called “83psdf_setup.”
free ti83 calculator online 2
Step 4:Restart your computer.
Step 5:Click the “TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger” icon on your Desktop.
Step 6:Click “File,” then click “New”. Choose “TI-83 Plus” from the pop-up menu.
Step 7:Click “Debug” and then click “Go.”

Tip: Click “View” and then click “Calc” on top if you’d like the calculator window to stay fixed to the top of your other windows.


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