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The Top 10 Best Cool Math Games: Probability and Statistics

You’re never too old to play a game if you’re learning stats. Take a break from your textbook and have fun with these games. I scoured the internet for the most fun games that actually teach you something about probability, statistics, or both. I cam across these gems, which don’t just teach you something — they’re fun to play!

Cool Math Games #1. cool math game Shodor’s Rabbits and Wolves: Build a simple ecosystem with grass, rabbits, and wolves. Teaches about probabilities, chaos and populations. A fun, old-school game that’s simple to play.

#2. cool math gamAdvanced Monty Hall. Choose a door like you’re in “Let’s Make a Deal.” Learn about conditional probability, events, experimental probability, and trials.

#3. cool math games 3Party Time. This is one of the more unique games as it helps you understand the difference between biased and unbiased questions in surveys. It’s aimed at younger folks, but if you’re not quite sure of how bias in statistics plays a part in the end result, this game’s for you!

#4: cool math 4Farm Games. Play games on a farm to learn all about line graphs!

Cool Math Games #5: cool math games 5PBS Kids’ Bugs in the Room. Teaches about bar graphs in a fun way. Drag the bugs into the right bins and create a bar graph.

Games #6: cool math 6Virtual Coin Toss, replaced the PBS game earlier used. Looks at the probability for coin tosses in this fun game.

Cool Math Games #7: cool math 7 BBC’s Random ball picking game. How likely is it that you’ll get a red ball? Or a blue ball? Explore probabilities with this BBC game.

Cool Math Games #8: cool math 8BBC’s Line up the Buildings. Line up the buildings to learn the difference between the mean, mode and median.

Cool Math Games #9: cool math The Vile Vendor. What is the probability you’ll get served a vile drink by the Vile Vendor?

Cool Math Games #10: cool math games 10Alternating Jubes. Investigates probability, sequences and randomness. Does the machine spit out random candy? Play the game to find out.


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