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BinomCDF TI 83 Calculator: Finding Binomial Probability

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BinomCDF TI 83 Calculator: Overview

binomcdf ti 83 calculator

The TI 83 BinomPDF and TI 83 BinomCDF functions can help you solve binomial probability questions in seconds. Binomial probabilities involve two outcomes: Success or failure. For example, if you were tossing a coin to see how many heads you were going to get, if the coin landed on heads that would be a “success.” The difference between the two functions is that one (BinomPDF) is for a single number (for example, three tosses of a coin), while the other (BinomCDF) is a cumulative probability (for example, 0 to 3 tosses of a coin). See: What is the difference between BinomPDF and BinomCDF?
This article covers BinomCDF. For single number probabilities (like two, or three, or a dozen, or something similar, you’ll want to check out this other article on TI 83 BinomPDF).

BinomCDF TI 83 Calculator: Steps

Watch the video or read the steps below:

Sample problem: Bob’s batting average is .321. If he steps up to the plate four times, find the probability that he gets up to three hits.

Step 1: Press 2nd VARS to get the “DISTR” option. Scroll down to “A:BinomCDF” and then press ENTER.

Step 2: Enter the number of trials. Bob bats four times, so the number of trials is 4. Press 4 followed by a comma.

Step 3: Enter the Probability of Success, P. Bob has a batting average of .321, so enter .321 followed by a comma.

Step 4: Enter the X value. We want to know what the probability is that Bob will get up to three hits, so enter 3, followed by a close parenthesis.

Step 5: Press ENTER for the result. Bob’s chances of getting up to three hits is .989.

Tip: Instead of scrolling down to “A:BinomCDF” you can press ALPHA then MATH.

That’s how to use BinomCDF TI 83 Calculator!

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