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This is a list of all the AP Statistics Formulas you’re likely to encounter on the test. Your AP Statistics teacher should have given you a formula sheet to study but if you’ve lost it, you’ll be given one at the exam so there’s no need to memorize the formulas. You do need to know how to use the formulas, so click on any formula in this list and you’ll find a step-by-step article explaining how to use that particular formula.

The most important thing to remember about these formulas is that in most of the questions for the test, you won’t actually use the actual formulas! Why? For the vast majority of questions, you’ll be using your TI-83 Graphing Calculator. Probably the best advice you can get for the AP statistics test is to not concentrate on these AP statistics formulas but rather, learn what the symbols mean and learn how to input them into your calculator.

AP Statistics Formulas: Descriptive Statistics

AP Statistics Formulas: Probability (Addition and Multiplication Rules, Expected Value and Variance of Random Variables)

AP Statistics Formulas: Linear Regression equations, slope and correlation coefficients

AP Statistics Formulas: Binomial Distributions and Proportions

AP Statistics Formulas: Inferential Statistics (Confidence Intervals, Chi-Square)

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